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Tips and facts about the bee venom collector

  • Using one bee venom collector, you can collect bee venom from up to 3-5 hives
  • Best results are achieved if after 45 minutes of harvest, each hive is given 1-2 hours to recuperate
  • It is best for the bees if venom is harvested not more than 4 days a week, up to 6
  • If you plan on collecting bee venom for 3 to 4 consecutive months, you should switch to 3-4 days per week, keeping bees healthy
  • During active season, one bee family can provide between 0,26 and 0,78 grams venom per day
  • Depending on bee venom's quality and purity, prices vary from 10 to 150 USD per gram
  • It takes about 50 minutes to finish collecting bee venom from one hive per session, after the venom is scraped off the glass you can use it on a different hive right away
  • Bee venom should be kept in a dry box and refrigerated

Is the device harmless to your bees?

The BVC 5.0 device has series of built-in protections and indications, making it easily usable and safe for bees.

To protect bees, in a humid weather the device automatically reduces the current or even shuts itself down for about 30 seconds, to prevent unwanted damage to the bees. After 30 seconds, it runs a humidity check again and attempts to resume work. Additional protection is provided by another automatic feature – if there are too many bees on the device, it shuts down until everything is back to normal.

How efficient is the device?

During the active season, one bee family can provide from 0,26 to 0,78 gram venom per day. One device can be used on up to 2-3 hives a day.

When farming bee venom, the greatest difference is the device used – according to science researches, bees’ life is significantly increased with optimal electro-stimulation parameters of the device. According to another research – conditions of short-term systematic electro-stimulation may lead to a stronger bee family – the queen lays eggs more intensively.

How to test if everything's working properly?

Turn the device on, the green LED should be blinking slowly. Short circuit 2 or more adjacent front wires with a metal object. If the red LED is solid, the device is working properly.

Device Dimensions

Bee venom collector dimensions
  • Length: 258mm
  • Width: 158mm
  • Height: 38mm
  • Weight: 900g

Technical details




258 mm
10.15 inches


38 mm
1.49 inches


158 mm
6.22 inches


900 g
1.98 lbs

Battery Life


up to 3-4 months

5-7 hours per business day, dual AA alkaline batteries

Bee venom harvesting efficiency


0.26-0.78 grams / 0.009 - 0.027 oz

bee venom harvested from a beehive daily

Out of the box experience



the product is ready to work immediately after out of the box, with no special requirements, configurations or modifications

Warranty and service


2 years limited warranty service included

for warranty information about the bee venom collector, please click here

included in the box


1. Bee venom collector

2. Bee venom collector glass piece

3. Bee venom scraper

4. Dual Duracell AA alkaline batteries

5. Bracket to help attach the device if needed (optional use)

6. Quick start guide

LED Indications



  • Blinking slowly - Device is powered up and functional. The 45 minute cycle is divided into 3 phases, each phase is about 15 minutes:
    • 3 blinks + pause - during phase 1
    • 2 blinks + pause - during phase 2
    • 1 blink + pause - during phase 3
  • Blinking rapidly - High humidity or too many bees


  • Solid - indicates short circuited front panel wires
  • Blinking slowly - batteries are low
  • Blinking rapidly and turns off - right before end of 45 minute cycle


  • Ambient temperature +10C to +45C (50F to 113F)
  • Storage temperature -20C and +55 C (-4F to 131F)

Automatic shutdown


after about 45 minutes

You can safely leave the device unattended until you're ready to collect.

You can also switch the device off manually at any time. When you switch it back on, a new 45 minute cycle will start.

Lead-free technology






a microprocessor ensures flawless work, efficiency and bee safety

Manual cycle reset

  • You can manually reset the device operation cycle at any time by switching it off.
  • When you switch the device back on, a new 45 minute cycle is started.

Quick-start guide


Bee venom collector manuals

Bee venom collector 5.0


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